Fashion Bug Credit Card

Have you searching all over for the beloved site to read more about getting or maintaining your Fashion Bug Credit Card? If you have, then we must let you know right away that Fashion Bug has been dissolved into the other sister companies Lane Bryant, Cacique and Sonsi. Now, if you want to have what you used to have you more likely need to go through the Lane Bryant Credit Card setup to have an account now. It seems that there were a lot of issues with the Fashion Bug Company so they finally made the decision some years ago to go ahead and remove their stores as well as their own access to their Fashion Bug Credit Card. In this article, we are providing you the account stats and information for the Lane Bryant Credit Card so that you can decide if you want to go ahead and apply with the replacement card of the Fashion Bug Credit Card.

It has been coming along slowly as people didn't know about the changes. Now, people are becoming much more aware of the Lane Bryant Credit Card and the fact that it replaces the Fashion Bug Credit Card. Since the new changes, they have finally been able to start shipping internationally which has proven that the new Lane Bryant Credit Card and all of the changes have been worth doing. Since the changes, they are now also able to promote more sales as well as giving you now an immediate 15% off on your first purchase with your new Lane Bryant Credit Card.


After you have received your new Lane Bryant Credit Card, you are ready for gaining points not only with Lane Bryant but also their sister companies as well. As you gain your first 400 points with the Lane Bryant Credit Card, you will be able to receive your $10 reward check to use for even more savings. These points are very easy to rack up quickly as you are given two points for every dollar that you charge in the store with your Lane Bryant Credit Card. Also, you are given one point for every dollar spent with your Lane Bryant Credit Card at the sister store Catherine’s. These points are just the tip of the ice berg with the Lane Bryant Credit Card. Additionally each month you will be given exclusive coupons and other private information regarding secret sales given to the Lane Bryant Credit Card members.

The change of the Fashionbug Credit Card becoming the Lane Bryant Credit Card has really proven to be a great idea. Now more than ever, plus sized shoppers are able to find the items they are looking for quickly as well as get some really great deals and rewards for their loyalty as shoppers. In the end, the thing that the customers seem to love most about the card is the easy access to their accounts online as well as the deals that are only totally appreciated by plus sized shoppers who know how hard it truly is to find the deals they have elsewhere.